Accommodation Polanica Zdrój - we invite you to Villa Małgosia in Polanica Zdrój


Welcome to the web site of the boarding-house "Willa Małgosia" in Polanica Zdrój!

​Villa Małgosia is located in the heart of Polanica Zdrój, on the banks of the Bystrzyca Dusznicka river. On long hot summer days, one may access its refreshing waters directly through the estate's garden. The picturesque attractions of Zdrojowy Park, along with the Promenade, are only a stone's throw away - a mere 200-metre walk to be precise.
Our Villa accommodates 24 rooms for guests, a club room and a cozy dining room. There is also a private car park outside at your disposal (mind you, with only a limited number of parking spaces available).Naturally, a free and secure WiFi network is accessible throughout the vicinity.

Our rooms

We offer accommodation in single, double and 3-person rooms. Each room comprises a private bathroom (fitted with a shower, toilet and washbasin), a TV, radio, landline phone, cordless kettle with glasses, and clean towels. Additionally, 16 of all the 24 rooms has a balcony.